With every luxurious spa stay, modern goddesses should feel like goddesses. But in those washed-out hotel bathrobes, oversized and uncomfortably disadvantageous, one often feels anything but divine. Nobody should feel uncomfortable, especially not when it comes to wellness for body and soul.

Made from a soft jersey blend including high-quality cashmere, the wearing comfort resembles the typical T-shirt feeling. Very easy, comfortable, yet luxurious. Thoughtful extras make the dresses of the Goddess Treat Special Edition the perfect partner for the spa.

Hide your room card and cell phone elegantly in the attached silk pocket of the cape while on the way to the sauna. The long kimono with pockets and wide silk ribbons comfortably wraps around the body and looks super sophisticated. And the cozy caftans highlight is the large hood keeps you warm even with wet hair. Comfort at its best. In the spa, in the bathroom or simply on the couch.