In her Berlin studio, artist Kata Unger creates hand-woven tapestries made of wool and silk. The weaving works depict diverse themes: technology, science fiction, environmental pollution, terrorism, the earth, the people. Unger decides for a theme prior to start creating, but while working on the piece she selects colors and thread qualities randomly. This randomness gives each final object its unique weave structure. An artistic pixel effect that is shown to its fullest on each dress.

Kata Unger spent around three to four month at her loom whilst creating the “Trainingsraum” tapestry. She has no idea how many meters of wool and silk threads she used during that time. The amount of threads is innumerable, the spontaneity of the craftsmanship makes the artworks so unique. A gobelin tells many stories. But the viewer is supposed to discover his own version of the story in her art. With "Trainingsraum" and "E-Zone", Lemanjá selected two very profound designs with typical colors for the Goddess Dresses and printed them on capes and kimonos.

The collaboration with Lemanjá was the first of its kind for Berlin artist Kata Unger.